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ExamPrep 2003 Program


Thank you for taking the time to try T&T Computer Consulting’s ExamPrep 2003.This program came into existence while attempting to find a way to help my wife Rose study with out having to ask her questions over and over again for hours on end. Thus we created ExamPrep. After she used it to pass several exams at the top of her class. She thought it might be a useful program for others to use. Thus ExamPrep 2003 was born.


Registering will unlock the full abilities of ExamPrep2003. The splash screen will only be displayed for 5 seconds, not 30. You will be able to use the program for more then 15 days and you will be able to share Question Pools with other users as well as download Pools from the www.ITTechs4u.com website. To register contact ExamPrep@ITTechs4u.com. Registration is $25 per year payable via Paypal to Paypal@ITTechs4u.com. Please send you Name and Email address w/ your payment and I will send you the KEY for your copy. To apply the registration key, load ExamPrep2003 and wait for the Splash screen to close and the main menu to load. Then double click on one of the computer pictures in the upper corners of the screen. This will take you to the registration screen.

General information:

Some things to know. With in ExamPrep you see constant references to POOLS. POOLS are what we call question pools. They consist of Questions and Answers. You are able to create unlimited number of pools with up to 500 questions in each pool. These pool files have the extension .EPD and can be shared with other registered users. We will be hosting a web page at www.ITTechs4U.com dedicated to sharing the questions among users. From with in ExamPrep you can create new pools, edit pools, delete pools and oh yeah, take a practice test. When taking a practice test, the first prompt asks "Take test only on questions marked for RETAKE??" This prompt is asking if you want to be quizzed on all questions in the pool or just the ones that you have flagged for RETAKE. This allows you to repeatedly quiz your self on only the questions that you are having trouble with. By taking the default or clicking OK you say that you only want the questions that are flagged. By choosing Cancel or pressing you choose to take the full test. During the test you will notice two buttons and one check box at the bottom of the screen. The check box is check by default. This is the RETAKE check and can be unchecked to limit the questions asked with in the pool. The other buttons ask if you got the question right or wrong. This program is not designed to test your honesty, so its up to you how accurate this will be. and is totally optional. It will just give you a score at the end of the test so you can monitor your progress. The rest is rather straight forward and should not need explanation but I will update this document as needed and the latest version of it as well as the latest version of EXAMPREP2003 can always be found at T&T Computer Consulting www.ITTechs4U.com.

Download the Currecnt Version of Examprep 2003

Full Install for new users

Just open this with WINZIP and choose INSTALL to install

EXAMPREP2003 Full Version 1.0.16b


For existing users who need to Upgrade

Just save this file to your C:\Program Files\ExamPrep2003 directory or where ever you installed ExamPrep.

EXAMPREP2003 Upgrade Version 1.0.16b


Rose's Question Pools

Rose has been kind enough to share her hard work with the other registered users of ExamPrep. The following are the exampools that she has created.

Please remember! You must have a registered version of ExamPrep2003 in order to be able to use these files.

** To download these files, right click and choose "Save Target As..." **














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